Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Make Money Blogging

Learn How To Make Money Blogging

My intention from this report is to reveal you how to make money on a blog. I suspect most people will not stick to it lifelong to make a regular income, but even making an additional few hundred bucks a month isn’t tough either. This quick report, simply I wanted it to share my ways for those desiring to start up a blog or make some money from the one they already have. 

Making money blogging is a real challenge

We all have blogs and many here would love to do it full-time....
Finding an audience — and beyond that — finding revenue amid the sea of millions of blogs seems impossible.Stake out your place and make the hard work pay off.

Follow your passion, find your audience, and gain revenue.

Find Your Passion

What Are You Passionate About?

You Have Hobbies, Right?

Passion Doesn't Feel Like Work

You'll Need Passion For The Long, Thankless Hours

Follow Your Passion, Find Your Audience, And Gain Revenue

Hard Work On A Topic You Love Can Pay Off.

Don't Just Do It To Make A Buck.

Start Small, Avoid Creating A Network

The Paradox Of Love (Also Works With Money)

Find Your Audience

Content. Is. King.

Say No To SEO

The Road To Success Is Long And Takes A Lot Of Hard Work.

Be Patient. Stick With It.

Ideas For Content

Time Spent Doing Research= Dozens Of Posts

Review Products

Google News Alerts

You Can Interview Anyone If You Just Ask

Mine The Forums, Deliver The Gold

Op/Ed Beats News Any Day

Find The Money

Some Numbers

Text Ads

Google Is Easy

Google Is Flexible. You Should Be Too.

Typical Adsense Use On A Blog

Don't Overdo It.

Image Ads

Blogads Is Easy

Eventually, Larger Networks Are Better

Don't Overdo It

Diversify: Affiliates, Jobs, Etc

“We’re All One Greasemonkey Script Away From Poverty”

Amazon Affiliates Is Easy

Monthly/Annual Subscriptions, Memberships, Or Swag

Lots Of People Get Hired Because Of Their Blog

Companies You Blog About Will Need Business Bloggers

Can You Find A Topic, Gain An Audience, And Stick With It?

Pro Blogging-

A Lot Of Work,

A Lot Of Fun,

Perhaps A Lot Of Money

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